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We are proud of every brands we distribute. The list is not definite since we are looking for new amazing brands constantly. We distribute the brands in :

- Czechia

- Slovakia

- Hungary

- Poland 

A  Aloesol    B  Bacanha  .  Beauty Garden  .   Bijin Paris  .  Biscuiterie de Provence    .   Bleu de Peau    C    Chouette  .  Ciment Paris Savonnerie  D    Daylily Paris  .  Dou  F    Fogg G    Goliate  .  Grace & Green.   J  Juneo    K    Krayna    L    L'Esperluete  .  La Fare 1789  .  Lea Nature  .  Les Panacees    N    Namaki  .  Naturbrush  .  Nature Efficiency  .  Naturlab  .  Niu  .  Nolenca    O    Oden  .  Oryza  .  Oskol    P    PH Fragrances  Q    Quinque  R    Rejence  .  Roll on Jade   .    T   Terre de Mars  .  Thomsen Beauty  .   The Water Brand

Made in Spain

The Aloe Vera is often used in skincare products for both our body and face. As for the Aloe Vera gel, it has been shown to have numerous health benefits to soothe eczema, fungus or injuries or even sunburn. Some therapeutic properties on skincare

Soin Découverte GB 3 produits MD.jpg
Aloesol_ Aloe like Aloe Vera and Sol like the southern Spanish sun. An evocative name for

Made in France

Bacanha syrups are handcrafted in France. We went to Grasse, in the heart of French Provence to find partners in the creation of our recipes. There, the infusions and aromas that make up our syrups are made. Rigorous work is done to bring a perfect taste with natural raw materials: fruits, plants, herbs, spices ...


Made in France

Japanese cosmetics, J-beauty, Japanese skincare, organic cosmetics, Asian cosmetics, Japanese accessories.


Made in France

Men cosmetics. Our treatments are made up of 99% natural and organic ingredients. Some are Cosmébio and Ecocert certified.


Made in France

The Beauty Garden organic range is intended for all skin types and offers to the liking of the seasons cosmetics from the garden, 100% natural with seasonal active ingredients meeting the needs of the moment ! Like a real cosmetic garden, our agricultural harvests are the main source of ingredients that make up our cosmetic products. In order to respect and make the most of these plant resources, we draw inspiration from ancient herbalist skills for their transformation.

Gommage-bio-noix-credits-V-Queant (2).jpg

Made in France

Chouette Paris is a French organic cosmetics brand designed for kids and  family. At Chouette Paris, our desire is to help you in your daily life, by offering you healthy, simple products, with timeless formulas and tailored for your whole family. Our eco-friendly packaging in economical formats encourages us to consume as little as possible, thus preserving the natural resources of our planet. It is in the heart of Provence that our products are developed and manufactured, according to the expertise and tradition of French workshops.

Made in France

All our soaps are handmade by our soap makers in Paris and Bordeaux. Ciment also means offering you products with simple, natural and effective compositions for smaller and simpler routines, marking our commitment to Slow Cosmetics.

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Made in Belgium

Our disinfectant mist sprays have a unique cooling effect. They kill more than 99% of bacteria and have proven effectiveness against viruses. In addition, the moisturizing and soothing active ingredients make your hands soft.


Made in Spain

An innovative safe, effective and sustainable multi-surface disinfectant.

goliate-boutique-sextoys-1-scaled copy.png

Made in France


GOLIATE is the little Frenchman who is committed to a positive sexuality without taboos on a daily basis, a French brand that accompanies you in your intimacy, whoever you are and whatever your desires, your expectations and your fantasies.


Made in UK

All Grace & Green products are carefully crafted using 100% certified organic cotton, free from toxins, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres and fragrance to create safer period products that are gentle on your skin.

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 20.20.00.png

Made in France

Junéo is the most complete range of organic cow, goat, sheep and rice infant milks: quality ingredients carefully selected by our team of experts and recipes designed for each baby.

Made in Poland

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Krayna 2.0_ 18.jpg

Made in France 

Discover L'esperluète and its new range of artisanal and natural cosmetics, handcrafted in its Strasbourg workshop. All products are certified organic by Cosmécert according to the Cosmos Organic standard.

Made in France

La Fare 1789 is a French brand of organic cosmetics whose watchword is Respect - respect for the body, and for nature - which relies on the virtues of plants to meet everyone's needs.

Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 14.28.58.png

Made in France 

Ekibio is a pioneer of organic food in France. For 30 years we have been working alongside French organic stores, upholding our values of transparency, respect and innovation. We currently distribute those brands: PRIMEAL - BISSON - LE PAIN DES FLEURS - PLENIDAY - MA VIE SANS GLUTEN - DOUCE NATURE - ECODOO

Made in France

All of our solid products are plastic-free and designed to take plastic bottles out of every bathroom.


Made in France

The Namaki brand was born in 2013 from the meeting of two engineers and a common idea: to create playful disguise make-up that respects children's skin and the environment.


Cosmetics Made in Spain

Dental hygiene and organic cosmetics. Headless bamboo toothbrushes 0 waste concept. 

Made in France

The only dermocosmetics and certified organic brand in the world to be registered with Vidal. An unprecedented positioning that offers high-end products with proven effectiveness, while being part of an ethical and modern approach: consume less but better. Nature Effiscience sublimates women and respects nature.

Visu_Peeling Effect_MD_RVB.jpg

Cosmetics Made in Spain


Innovative, sustainable and effective natural cosmetics with healthy ingredients that adapt to your healthy lifestyle. They work great, are effective, easy to use, and made for everyone. All Naturlab products are unisex.

Made in France

A sunscreen with a natural and organic composition with moisturizing and soothing properties. With a limited impact on your health and that of the oceans.

After Sun .jpeg

Cosmetics Made in France

We love the poetry of everyday life and simple little pleasures, which is why we believe that taking the time to notice the smells that touch us, those that we love or hate, those that make us dream, cry or love, c is to offer oneself moments of lightness.

HEMP OIL 1.jpeg

Cosmetics Made in France

Our mission at ODEN is to offer you exceptional botanical treatments created from French plants to help you do GOOD and reconnect with the power of the plants around you.

Born in Portugal, Made in France

HOLISTIC BEAUTY WITH RICE. A holistic wellness experience that combines the benefits of rice with signature skincare protocols.


Made in France

We believe in transparency when it comes to health and wellness. We are committed to bringing safe, natural care to the forefront of the cosmetics industry. We achieve this by creating all-natural, organic and vegan products with quality ingredients.

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 23_33_15.png

Made in France


At Daylily Paris, we are committed to providing natural, clean and effective skincare essentials, for a 100% safe, gentle and sensorial beauty routine during and after pregnancy.


Made in France

We offer formulas ultra-concentrated in organic active ingredients, without superfluous ingredients, refill water and without toxic ingredients, without any compromise, to strengthen the balance of the most delicate skins and take care of the skin of the whole family.

Made in France

TERRE DE MARS is a refined Parisian house of natural cosmetics, designed manufactured and packaged in France.  Inspired by the iconic virtues of coffee and plants, TDM creates pure and innovative body and face skincare products.

Scent Duo Alcohol-free .png


WATER PERFUMES. First alcohol-free perfume made with pure water, long-lasting that reveals all its scents from the first mist.

Made in France

pH fragrances is the first Niche & Clean brand with exceptional fragrances.

Premium brand in 3 univers:

Fine fragrances, Personal care ( Shower gel, hand & body cream, deodorant), Home care ( Candles, laundry detergents, reeds diffusor).

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 23.19.33.png
Body Slim' Set  (Quartz Cristal) 2.jpeg

Made in France

Although our brand is called Roll On Jade®, we do not make Jade and have never claimed to do so for a lot of ethical reasons. Roll On Jade® honors the quality and ethics of its products, whether in its stones, in its tools and beauty products, but also and above all, in human terms.


Made in France

A certified organic, luxury facial treatment, at home.

Our range focuses on the essential skincare needs and desires of women, incorporating the latest bio-technologies to develop high performance, 100% natural formulations.

A simple beauty ritual for fresh, radiant and visibly plumped skin.


Made in France


A certified organic, luxury skin care. Made with AMOUR et CBD.


Made in France

Heir to a know-how around almonds for 6 generations, our biscuit factory, located in Drôme Provençale, seduces lovers of delicacies with high quality salty and sweet biscuits. A passion passed down from father to son that allows us today to distinguish ourselves as a manufacturer of traditional, organic and gluten-free cookies and cakes.