Known to strengthen the skin barrier and protect hair

100% pure, natural and organic oil
Body and hair
Available in 3 sizes

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids known for hydrating the skin and protecting it from external stresses (maintaining the hydrolipidic film) (1), particularly lauric acid, which has a high affinity with proteins in the hair and thus absorbs well into the hair (2). It is used for dry skin (3) and is also known for strengthening the skin barrier of both premature infants and of adults (3)(4), for preventing the proliferation of bacteria such as S. aureus (responsible for atopic dermatitis) and P. acnes (3)(5), and for its in-vitro soothing action, inhibiting specific skin inflammation markers (4).
An excellent haircare product, coconut oil is used for its strong ability to protect the hair (2).

In an 100mL amber-coloured glass bottle with a dropper cap to better preserve the oil and provide precise dosing.

In a 125-mL jar made of 100% recycled plastic to better preserve the product.

In a 200-mL bottle made of 100% recycled plastic with a dropper cap to better preserve and precisely dose the product.

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