Coats and strengthens hair

Adds volume and shine
All hair types
100% natural, pure henna
Harvested by hand

The Centifolia neutral henna, a 100% plant-based extract, is an extraordinary natural hair treatment: it particularly purifies oily or flaky scalps, coats and strengthens fine hair and adds shine to all hair types. Applied on a regular basis, it densifies your hair fibre while adding volume to all your hair, protects it and leaves it supple and easy to style. It is also a natural treatment that helps eliminate undesirable substances.

Neutral henna does not colour hair, but very rarely, it can lightly colour very light or grey hair. To keep this from happening, do not leave on for more than 30 minutes and apply every two weeks at most.

This powder is derived from the leaves of the plant, which are hand-harvested and naturally dried in the sun.

Natural hair colour lets you create tone-on-tone colour or darken your colour by 2 or 3 shades, but it will not lighten your hair.

With natural hair colour, each person’s results are unique: they depend on your base colour, leave-on time, your hair’s porosity, and the amount of grey hair.


I have blonde hair : Does not add colour but adds strength and shine and adds volume to hair.
To bring out my blonde highlights: Neutral henna + chamomile + rhapontic (40%-30-30%)
To cover my grey hair and keep my blonde colour: Strawberry blonde henna (combined with 50% neutral henna to avoid going too dark and adding copper highlights)

I have light-brown, medium-brown, brown, dark, or red hair : Does not add colour but adds strength and shine and adds volume to hair.

You can use tinted powders to bring out your natural highlights

For more information about natural hair colour, refer to our guide to natural hair colour.

Sachet with zip fastening to better preserve the powder. Packaging guaranteed to contain no phthalates or bisphenol A.

Preparation instructions :
In a large bowl, gradually add warm water to the powders until you have a relatively thick paste. Do not use metal utensils.

Approximate quantities to be used :
For short hair : 50 to 100g of powder
For medium-length (shoulder-length) hair : 150 to 200g of powder
For long hair (mid-back) : 200 to 250g of powder
For very long hair (hip-length) : 300 to 500g of powder

How to apply :
Apply a thick layer of the mixture preferably to unwashed hair, strand by strand. When hair is thoroughly coated, wrap it all in plastic film and let set. The leave-on time will vary considerably depending on your hair's porosity and colour and the desired result (from one to 12 hours).
Rinse hair thoroughly until all residues have been removed. The final colour result will appear two to three days after application, which is the time required for the colour to oxidise.

Beauty tip :
For fine, sensitised or dry hair, you are advised to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic vegetable oil (castor, coconut, argan) or slightly melted shea butter to your mixture since henna can slightly dry
out the hair fibre.
We recommend that you use the Centifolia no-rinse lotion with raspberry vinegar which, thanks to its acidity, "closes the hair cuticle" and adds shine.

Precautions for use :

Do not apply henna or dye powder to hair that has been permed or chemically colour-treated in the last two months.
Before colouring your hair, apply a detox mask.
Protect areas of your skin likely to be coloured by henna or dye powder by applying a thick layer of a moisturising cream or vegetable oil (top of forehead, ear contour).
Wear gloves when preparing and applying the mixture so as to not colour your hands.
Do not use metal utensils to mix the henna so as to not alter the quality of the powder. Warning: the material used could remain coloured.
Test on a hidden strand of hair before colouring your whole head. Wait for 24 hours to view the definitive result.
Do not perm or chemically colour-treat hair if you have coloured it with natural henna in the last two months.

INCI : Cassia Obovata.

100% pure and plant-based powder.

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