For an organic baby gift
For a pampered baby and happy parents, the Centifolia newborn baby set is a lovely gift idea.

The Newborn Baby gift set contains the essentials products in the Centifolia Baby range. A gentle range specifically formulated to safely care for baby’s sensitive skin. Camellia Japonica oil is known for its soothing properties which help reduce redness(1), its protective properties with its antioxidant powers higher than those of vitamin E and similar to those of vitamin C(2), and its fortifying properties which improve moisturising and strengthen the skin barrier(3).

This set includes: one Hair and Body Wash (485ml), one Moisturiser (250ml), one Massage Oil (100ml), presented in a beautiful gift box.

(1) In vivo test “Evaluation of the soothing activity by measuring redness” - proven active ingredient at 0.1%
(2)ORAC in vitro test – proven active ingredient at 0.001%
(3)In vivo test “Evaluation of the active ingredient’s influence on the barrier function by measuring TEWL” - proven active ingredient at 0.1%