La Crème Radieuse - Day Cream SPF 50+


"Stop the pregnancy mask with Radiant Cream SPF 50+ !

SPF 50+ . 2 IN 1 . DAY CREAM

This is the first 2-in-1 pregnancy sunscreen that provides optimal hydration while protecting your pretty face against the harmful effects of UV rays. Its undetectable finish, without white marks after application, makes it a perfect day cream ... No more excuses for forgetting your sun protection! Both pregnancy sunscreen and day cream, it provides the skin with all the hydration it needs thanks to 3 quality active ingredients: vegetable glycerin, Ocea Defense® from a macroalgae that fights against harmful effects free radicals, and Fucocert® with soothing and anti-aging properties. The Radiant Cream SPF 50+ has been specially developed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is the first sunscreen that can be used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding because it does not contain any harmful ingredients for mom or baby. It has been clinically tested under dermatological control and is hypoallergenic.

85% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Hypoallergenic and formulated without comedogenic ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. It does not contain ingredients not recommended during pregnancy and lactation such as nanoparticles, endocrine disruptors, essential oils, mineral oils, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, allergens, etc. To learn more about ingredients you shouldn't use, see our topic on ingredients you shouldn't use during pregnancy.

Its melting texture penetrates quickly and leaves no white mark after application, nor a greasy or sticky sensation. It is an excellent base for makeup. And the icing on the cake: a delicious sweet scent ...

The fragrance of the radiant cream is subtle and solar. It opens with notes of almond, citrus fruit with a ""biscuit"" side that bring you a sweet lightness. Then a bouquet of orange blossoms is revealed, underlined by yellow fruits. The base is musky, with a hint of caramel and vanilla ...

From the first month of pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding, we recommend that you use the Radiant Cream SPF 50+ daily, regardless of the season or the weather:
- Every morning on clean skin before any makeup, apply the Radiant Cream to the face and neck like a day cream. It is recommended to shake the tube before use to mix the filters well.
- Put a small amount of product on each area of the face (cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck) then spread the cream towards the outside of the face and upwards.
- If exposed to the sun, renew the application regularly during the day (at least every 2 hours), in addition to a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Avoid exposing yourself between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.
- If you want to apply makeup after application, it is quite possible, the radiant cream is an excellent makeup base

Solar filters
The sun filters used are mineral and synthetic filters, gentle and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are recognized for their harmlessness.
Annatto oil
Extracted from the seeds of the annatto tree, native to South America, it has been applied there for millennia for its natural sun protection.
Ocea Defense®
Derived from a brown macroalgae Laminaria