Nausea Saver - Tisane de grossesse - Remède anti-nausées


Nausea Saver, your perfect ally against nausea from the first trimester of pregnancy! Benefit from an additional product by selecting the OFFER 2 bought + 1 offered below.

Developed with The French Herborist, a plant specialist, we offer you a safe and effective solution to help you fight one of the most recurrent symptoms of early pregnancy: nausea.

Thanks to our infusion specially designed for pregnant women, we make your daily life, often disturbed by these painful episodes, sweeter.

Let yourself be tempted by its delicately spicy taste and its ginger-based mixture that will relieve you!

Nausea can be at the heart of your concerns from the start of pregnancy. We were therefore keen to develop a product that gives you instant relief. With the help of The French Herbalist, the plant expert, we have created the perfect infusion to soothe your daily life! With Nausea Saver - anti-nausea pregnancy herbal tea, nausea will be relieved from the first month of pregnancy.

Amandine Thomas, founder of The French Herborist, shared with us her appetite for unlocking the secrets of plants. We therefore relied on his expertise to develop this new product together.

Thanks to its unique blend rich in organic ginger, organic verbena, organic whole cardamom and organic cocoa and orange peel, Nausea Saver effectively fights against these ailments so dreaded by expectant mothers and relieves pregnancy nausea. This infusion will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and can also be consumed as a pleasure herbal tea after the long-awaited arrival of your baby.

Its spicy blend is delicate with subtle notes of verbena. At your convenience, you can adjust the infusion time and thus enjoy a herbal tea to your liking. According to our usage test carried out with 11 Daylily Testers, Nausea Saver takes into consideration the sensitivity of your sense of smell during your pregnancy.

Developed with the help of a herbalist, the anti-nausea infusion has been specially designed to effectively and safely meet the needs of pregnant women. 100% of natural origin, our pregnancy remedy against nausea is developed and manufactured in France. Certified organic and vegan.

From the beginning of your pregnancy, nausea is not desired and often hastens to disrupt your daily life. For rapid relief, we recommend Nausea Saver, our anti-nausea pregnancy herbal tea, at the rate of 1 to 3 cups per day. The infusion can be consumed whenever nausea appears, but also to prevent it.

Manual :
Take about 2g in a tea ball or infusette bag
Pour very hot water over it (90-100°C)
Let the mixture infuse between 5 and 10 minutes according to your convenience (the longer the herbal tea infuses, the more the power of the taste will be pronounced)
Your infusion is ready to be consumed.
Tip: according to your desires and the seasons, Nausea Saver can also be eaten cold. Remember to infuse the mixture beforehand in larger volumes of water (for 1L, infuse the equivalent of 8g).

The taste of Nausea Saver is delicately spicy thanks to the fragrant notes of ginger and verbena. The perfume of the infusion for pregnant women against nausea has been specially designed for sensitive senses of smell. The intensity of the taste varies according to the infusion time: the longer you let it infuse, the stronger the taste will be.

Yuka Rating: 100/100

Nausea Saver was developed specifically for the pregnant woman with the help of a herbalist. The anti-nausea infusion therefore does not contain any ingredient that is not recommended during pregnancy and respects the recommended daily doses.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. This recipe is thus 100% organic certified ECOCERT* (FR-BIO-01).

INGREDIENTS: 40% Organic ginger*, Organic verbena*, Organic cocoa peel*, Organic orange peel*, Organic cardamom*.

Capacity: 60g - Bulk


91% found that the infusion relieved their nausea and improved their comfort in life*
91% are satisfied with the smell and the intensity of the taste*
91% would recommend this product to a pregnant friend*
*Usage test carried out on 11 pregnant women presenting with nausea for 7 days

60 g
It strengthens the natural defenses and relieves digestive disorders, especially in the prevention of nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy.

It is relaxing and relieves digestive disorders such as spasms and feelings of heaviness in the stomach.

Cocoa shells
They are rich in antioxidants, good for the general state of health, and thus contribute to regulate the various functions of the organism. Energizing, they are perfect for small slack.

Orange peel
These are natural fibers that protect the intestinal flora thanks to its composition rich in pectin.

It effectively treats many digestive disorders such as bloating or heartburn.