LA FARE 1789



La Fare is above all the name of a small hill in Haute-Provence, nestled between Forcalquier and Pierrerue, between a fiery Mediterranean climate and a rough mountain climate. Thus, this oxymoronic alloy is the cradle of a rich, diverse and shimmering nature! It is also the name of our Mas Provençal which was built over two centuries ago, in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. Lovers in life and passionate about our work, we dream of revolution in the world of cosmetics. It is therefore in an ethical, natural and biological approach. La Fare 1789 is precisely the image of what Haute-Provence has to offer in all its splendor. Our recyclable packaging reflects this authenticity, the jar being an old inkwell and the bottle an antique found in the cellar. A simplicity that wants to be transparent and honest. Moreover, the products are made with three times more organic ingredients than the standard requested by Ecocert, because for us, what is really important is above all respect for the body and nature, a cannot go without the other.


Aloe Vera Ritual
Aloe Vera Ritual

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Youth Capital
Youth Capital

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Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner 200ml
Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner 200ml

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Aloe Vera Ritual
Aloe Vera Ritual

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''We have associated our products with each other to create tailor-made beauty routines. Depending on our skin type and the season, we have very different needs.'' La Fare 1789

Almond & Laurel Soap.jpeg

Almond & Laurel Soap

Myrtle Soap.jpeg

Myrtle Soap

Aloe Vera Ritual.jpeg

Aloe Vera Ritual

Delicate Face Cream .jpeg

Delicate Face Cream

Eco-Recharge Lavender Gentle Gel.jpeg

Eco-Recharge Lavender Gentle Gel

Ideal Face Cream.jpeg

Ideal Face Cream

Irresistible Body Oil 1.jpeg

Irresistible Body Oil

Image by Allec Gomes

Lavender Gentle Gel Duo 200ml and its 1000ml Eco-refill.

Image by Allec Gomes

Pale Pink Pouch

Shampoo & Conditioner Duo.jpeg

Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Supreme Body Milk.jpeg

Supreme Body Milk

Shampoo shine volume.jpeg

Volume & Shine Shampoo

Youth Capital.jpeg

Youth Capital

Calendula Soap.jpeg

Calendula Soap

Olive & Lavender Soap.jpeg

Olive & Lavender Soap




Back To School Ritual Treatment.jpeg

Back To School Ritual Treatment

Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner 200ml.jpeg

Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner 200ml

Exfoliating Face Cream.jpeg

Exfoliating Face Cream

Intense Night Cream.jpeg

Intense Night Cream

Irresistible Body Oil.jpeg

Irresistible Body Oil

Lip Balm.jpeg

Lip Balm

Peeling Face Mask.jpeg

Peeling Face Mask

Sublime Hand Cream.jpeg

Sublime Hand Cream

The balm.jpeg

The Balm

White Earthenware Soap Dish.jpeg

White Earthenware Soap Dish

Shea & Ylang Ylang Soap.jpeg

Shea & Ylang Ylang Soap

Image by Allec Gomes

Apple Water - Verger de Provence

Cleansing Milk & Mist Duo.jpeg

Cleansing Milk & Mist Duo

Divine Shampoo - Dry & weakened hair.jpeg

Divine Shampoo - Dry & weakened hair

Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk.jpeg

Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk

Intense Purifying Mist.jpeg

Intense Purifying Mist

Lavender Gentle Gel.jpeg

Lavender Gentle Gel

Natural Sponge.jpeg

Natural Sponge

Radiance Anti-Frizz Hair Spray.jpeg

Radiance Anti-Frizz Hair Spray

Image by Allec Gomes

Succulent Foot Cream

Image by Allec Gomes

The Soap Bag

Wonder Eye Contour Treatment.jpeg

Wonder Eye Contour Treatment

La Fare 1789

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