Back To School Ritual Treatment

LA FARE 1789

We love summer but between the sun, the heat and the sea, the skin is battered ...

We therefore decided to create the kit: Soin Ritual Back to School. A Beauty Ritual to enhance the tan and save hydration ...

Take advantage of the Intense Purifying Mist for perfect hydration and cleansing, the Exfoliating Face Cream for clear and luminous skin and the Intense Night Cream to deeply nourish your skin ... Intense Purifying Mist. Ideal at bedtime to perfect make-up removal and in the morning to remove excess sebum produced during the night, this true freshness treatment energizes the epidermis by taking care of the most sensitive skin.

Active ingredients: Aloe vera, Cucumber, Green Tea and Palmarosa.

Three possible uses of the Mist: to refresh, hydrate face and body, cleanse the skin and remove makeup.

Exfoliating Face Cream

Once or twice a week, on cleansed skin, emulsify with damp fingertips, 3 to 5 minutes then rinse carefully.

The complexion is thus luminous, the skin texture refined, the skin plumped.

Active ingredients: Aloe vera, Green Tea, Olive and Edelweiss.

Intense Night Cream

During the night, the skin is not solicited by various external aggressions, it then triggers a regeneration process, the intense night cream will improve this process by providing all the nutrients and vitamins like a fertilizer.

The face being at rest, the night is the ideal time to hydrate and to provide the necessary care to the skin.

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