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Rhassoul powder from Morocco


Rhassoul is a volcanic clay from Morocco that is very popular in the preparation of "no poo" shampoos. Thanks to its degreasing and purifying properties, it absorbs excess sebum and impurities. It contains no surfactants, making it an extra gentle ally for washing all hair types.

Properties on hair:
● Gentle cleanser and degreaser, it does not irritate the sebaceous glands and helps regulate the scalp.
● Absorbent, it eliminates excess sebum and impurities
● Densifying, it adds volume to the hair

A Volume shampoo
2 CS Rhassoul + 1 ccHenna Neutral +1CS Amla + water - to be applied in place of a shampoo on wet hair.

An anti-oily roots shampoo
2CS Rhassoul + 1CS Neem + 1CS Marshmallow + water - to be applied instead of a shampoo on wet hair.

Nothing could be easier, we promise!
Select one or more powders and add warm water
Mix vigorously until you get a lump-free texture that is neither too liquid nor too thick
Apply to damp hair (scalp and/or lengths) and massage.
Leave on for at least 10 minutes.

100 g jar.
● Ingredient: 100% Moroccan Rhassoul powder
● INCI: Moroccan lava clay
● Origin: Morocco
● Manufacturing method: the ore is taken from natural quarries preserved from any pollution, dried in the open air and then reduced to powder
● Packaging: ESAT (Établissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) in the Drôme
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