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Maidele (little woman in Alsatian) decoration candle made from 100% natural rapeseed wax. Created in Strasbourg and handmade in Pfaffenheim in Alsace by Nathalie and her sister Laurence. Delicious gingerbread fragrance. Its burning time is 15 minutes. 42 g.

Made from French rapeseed wax, this Maidele candle will melt you with its smile, its pretty dress, its little hand-painted bow tie and its delicious gingerbread fragrance.

A 100% natural candle made from ingredients carefully selected for their quality. Let yourself be seduced by this cute and delicately sweet little Alsatian woman.

Candle without paraffin (a petroleum derivative that is harmful to health), without additives, without colouring. IFRA-certified French perfume that does not give off any toxic fumes. It is safe for humans and the environment. Not tested on animals. Cotton wick guaranteed lead-free.



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