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Organic and French cosmetic beauty set "Être Ado" for girls and boys. Contains a micellar water, a care oil, a face cream and a deodorant. Care products rich in antibacterial and sebum-regulating active ingredients. Controversial raw material free. For all skin types.

Teenager" micellar water 100% natural and 20% organic. Revolutionary antibacterial and sebum regulating active ingredients. Purifying, reduces the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Very gentle composition, protects the skin from irritation. It is an excellent make-up remover, organic facial cleanser for the young skin of pre-teens and teenagers - eyes, face and neck. Fragrance-free. No rinsing.

Être Ado" care oil 100% natural and certified 31% organic. Moisturizing body, face and hair. Antibacterial and sebum regulating active ingredients, fights against imperfections. Non-greasy texture penetrates instantly. 100% natural rose verbena fragrance.

Être Ado" face cream 99.55% natural and 21.99% organic. Very moisturizing. Revolutionary antibacterial and sebum-regulating active ingredients, very effective. Reduces the appearance of pimples and blackheads and controls excess sebum. Matifying, limits shine. All skin types. Very gentle composition that protects the skin from irritation. Perfectly hygienic pump bottle. Fragrance-free.

Deodorant roll-on "Être Ado" 99,4% natural and 23% organic effective 24 hours. Very moisturizing, ideal after depilation, avoids redness and pimples. Does not stain clothes. Creamy texture. 100% natural rose and lychee fragrance.



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