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Organic and French cosmetic beauty set "Être Femme". Contains a micellar water, a care oil, a face cream and a deodorant. Care products rich in antioxidant, regenerating and moisturising active ingredients. Controversial raw material free. For all skin types.

Être Femme" micellar water 100% natural and 20% organic. Exemplary regenerating and antioxidant ingredients. Targeted benefits: intensive hydration, balance and good health of the skin. Effectively removes make-up and cleanses the eyes, face and neck. Softness, suppleness and well-being of the epidermis on a daily basis. Fragrance-free. No rinsing.

Être Femme" care oil 100% natural and 36% organic. Moisturizing body, face and hair. Antioxidant and restructuring ingredients, which focus on the deep hydration of the skin. Non-greasy texture penetrates instantly. Very fresh 100% natural fig fragrance.

Être Femme" face cream 99.55% natural and 22% organic. Very moisturizing. Active ingredients with regenerating and antioxidant properties. Matifying, brings suppleness and comfort. Excellent make-up base. Unique formulation, suitable for all skin types. Very gentle composition, protects the skin from pollution. Perfectly hygienic pump bottle. Sensual rose and neroli flower fragrance.

Deodorant roll-on "Être Femme" 99,5% natural and 13% organic, effective 24 hours. Very moisturizing, ideal after depilation, avoids redness and pimples. Does not stain clothes. Creamy texture. Fresh 100% natural rose neroli fragrance.



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