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5 washable and reusable cleansing and make-up removal wipes made of Oeko-Tex 100 certified microfilaments. 10 x 10 cm size.

Washable and reusable cleansing and make-up remover wipes made of microfilament. This patented material complies with the German Oeko-Tex 100 product class 1 standard, which guarantees safe use even on highly sensitive skin. They have a lifespan of over 2 years and are infinitely recyclable. They are perfect for reducing our impact on the environment and removing disposable make-up removal pads from our bathrooms.

Thanks to their thinness, they are particularly suitable for eye make-up removal. Ultra-reliable, they leave no residue in the eye or on the skin. Sold by 5.

According to Consoglobe, the reference media for ecology, each woman uses nearly 2,000 disposable cotton pads each year. Cotton pads are the 5th most important waste product in the bathroom. An ecological and economical alternative to disposable cotton pads, our reusable magic squares are made for you!


Magic squares are durable and infinitely recyclable
The production of the magic square has an environmental footprint 70 to 80% lower than the production of cotton
Manufacturing: they consume only 25 litres of recycled and recyclable water per kilo of material. Whereas 1kg of cotton requires approximately 9700 litres of water
No controversial components, 100% good for your skin and the planet
All raw materials are processed in France
The magic squares are made in France, in Colmar (Alsace). The cardboard is recycled and recyclable. The plastic sleeve used for the packaging is made from recyclable plastic


Measuring 10 x 10 cm, they are ideal for gently caring for your face. The magic squares can be used in the morning and evening with FUN!ETHIC micellar water. Your skin will be impeccably cleansed and make-up-free!

Little plus: they are very practical for precise make-up touch-ups: complexion, eyes and mouth. At work, when going out, etc., the size of the magic square slips easily into your bag and will accompany you everywhere!

Before the first use, wash the magic squares in a washing net. Remember to rinse them with water after each make-up removal. Machine washable from 30°C to 60°C or hand washable with a mild soap. Do not tumble dry. Once washed, the squares dry quickly and are ready to use again.

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