Because we have made it our mission to guarantee the best nutrition for all babies according to their specific needs, today we offer you the most complete line of organic infant products on the market. COW, GOAT, SHEEP and now RICE, each of our recipes has its characteristics, its strengths, and has been designed for each baby.

Our know-how is unique and our team of qualified professionals, expert in infant formula for many years, work day after day to optimize the recipes and the quality of our products. We choose the best ingredients in strict compliance with European regulations. All our infant milks contain DHA (omega 3) and bifidus. They are palm oil and whey free and our packaging is guaranteed to be BPA *, PBS and phthalate free. Throughout their manufacture, our products are subject to multiple controls and analyzes. 

* in accordance with regulations

Organic Formula - Cow Milk - Goat Milk - Sheep Milk - Cereals 




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Why should I choose JUNÉO cow for my baby?

Our infant milks made from cow's milk contain:

• A mixture of 3 oils (obtained by first cold pressing, not undergoing refining) and DHA - Omega 3 - to provide the essential fatty acids necessary for the proper development of my baby (especially cerebral and nervous).

• Bifidus to promote the development of intestinal flora and help baby digest better.

• A source of 11 vitamins and 5 minerals including a natural source of vitamin E helps protect cells against oxidative stress. Natural vitamin E for its antioxidant role and anti-inflammatory properties. In natural form, it is better assimilated by babies.

• Calcium and magnesium of natural origin

•100% French organic milk


What our baby milk does not contain !

• PALM OIL FREE - in line with our commitment to protecting the environment, because even organic palm oil is hardly sustainable.

• WHEYH FREE, a by-product of the dairy industry.


Packaging made in France guaranteed without BPA, PBS and phthalate


JUNÉO Cow 1st age 900g             0 - 6 months


JUNÉO cow 2nd age  900g              6 -12 months


JUNÉO Cow 3rd age 900g
            10 - 36 months


Why should I choose whole organic goat milk?

Our infant milks made from goat's milk contain: 

• 100% organic ingredients, which allow you to give your baby infant milk without cow's milk.

• Fatty acids - essential for good brain and nervous development! - thanks to DHA, Omega 3 and a mixture of 3 oils obtained by first cold pressing and without refining.

• As in mothers, the secretion of goat's milk is predominantly apocrine: the milk droplets are released in the excretory ducts, carrying • cellular components with them.

• Bifidus which helps your baby to build up his intestinal flora and allows him to digest more easily.

• Antioxidants thanks to naturally occurring vitamin E, which is better absorbed by your baby and has anti-inflammatory properties.

• The fatty globules of goat's milk are ten times less dense than those of cow's milk and their casein content is lower, which makes it more digestible.

• This milk may be suitable for babies allergic to cow's milk protein after advice from your pediatrician.

What our baby milk does not contain !

• No frills or unnecessary ingredients in our recipes. We carefully select our raw materials to meet our commitment to protecting the environment. In our organic baby milks, there are no:

• Palm oil, even organic, it is a product that is hardly sustainable and ecological.

• Whey, which is a by-product of the dairy industry.

• Soja free 

We also pay attention to our packaging: they are all made in France and do not contain BPA, BPS or phthalate.


JUNÉO Goat 1st age 900g - 0-6 months


JUNÉO Goat 2nd age 900g - 6-12 months


JUNÉO Goat Growth 900g - 10-36 months



Why should I choose JUNÉO sheep's milk for my baby?

Our cereal-based preparation made from organic sheep's milk contain:

• Whole and French milk, from an Aveyron sheep milk supply chain.

• Magnesium, vitamin K and E of natural origin.

• Bifidus, which facilitates your baby's digestion and promotes the development of his intestinal flora.

• Fatty acids, essential and necessary for the good development of your baby, with a mixture of 3 oils (first cold pressing, without refining).

Because it does not contain!


What our cereal-based does not contain !

• Without palm oil

• Whey free, a by-product of the dairy industry.

• Soja Free

100% of our packaging is made in France and is BPA, BPS and phthalate free.


JUNÉO Sheep - Cereals with protein supplement from 6 months - 900g


New recipe without lactose or animal protein, JUNÉO RIZ is suitable for all infants and toddlers from 6 months, in addition to their diet (it should not be given exclusively). A natural source of vitamin E, which helps protect cells against oxidative stress and a natural source of calcium, JUNÉO RIZ has a lower lipid content than follow-on milks. It is suitable for all babies allergic to cow's milk proteins. Specially designed for your baby from 6 months, our recipe is:


Why should I choose JUNÉO cereals for my baby?

Our RICE protein supplement cereal-based preparation contain:

• Source of natural magnesium, vitamins K and E.

What our cereals does not contain !

• Lactose free.

• Without animal protein.

• Without palm oil .

• Soja Free

100% of our packaging is made in France and is BPA, BPS and phthalate free.


JUNÉO Rice - Cereals with protein supplement lactose free from 6 months - 900g

Junéo is:

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