Properties: Stone synergy created by Roll On Jade (unique synergy). The solar plexus chakra is located under the chest above the navel. These bracelets will free you from emotional dependence and anxiety. You will find more confidence in yourself to make new projects and make decisions in accordance with your heart and your mind.

Instructions :

Citrine (Brazil): abundance, joie de vivre, creativity
Opal (Mexico): removes fear of lack

Purification and re-energization 2-3 times / week. After cleaning it with water, purify and recharge your stones with energies: SEE HERE. At Roll On Jade these are real stones, bought in France from a supplier who will seek himself in the different countries of the world in order to select the most beautiful stones. They are then cleaned, purified and recharged by ourselves, then put in their small packaging before sending to our warehouses.