Activated Carbon And Ceramic Balls Water Filter Box


urify your water and make a gesture for the planet thanks to the filtering and mineralizing duo for running water Takesumi x Bijin and its free bamboo box. It contains activated carbon and ceramic balls which will act directly on the quality of the water and its taste to put an end to plastic bottles.

Used for centuries in Japan and more generally in Asia, bamboo activated carbon adsorbs and retains 3 times more pollutants than conventional activated carbon. Its spectrum of uses is wide: water filter, cooking, cosmetic active, digestion problems, ...

These beads are developed by the Nagano Research Center in Japan. It specializes in the development and production of functional ceramics for water purification, health and well-being.
This trio is an assembly of three types of ceramics which act on the quality of the water and its assimilation in the body. The water is thus filtered and its moisturizing properties are improved.
Active ceramic (brown)
Rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, sodium ...), and increase the pH of water to make it ionic and alkaline. Ionized water regenerates and stimulates body activity, decreases acidity and balances body fluids. Their low electrical conductivity has an antibacterial action on water. Antioxidant action: their redox potential (ORP) can be reduced by 150mV on average.
Far infrared ray ceramic (black)
Far infrared rays are naturally emitted by radiation from the sun. They are vital for the development of life on earth. They are also the ones that produce the heat that we feel when there is sun, heat that helps stimulate circulation for better elimination of toxins.
IRL ceramic changes the electromagnetic structure of water to make it comparable to that of water present in the human body by creating exclusion zones (see; work of Prof. Gerald Pollack). Far infrared ray wave energy shrinks water molecules and binds them together, increasing their hydration capacity. The water is softer, blood circulation is improved. IRLs also help eliminate many bacteria, viruses, parasites and pathogens found in water.
Adsorbent / filter ceramic
Their extremely porous constitution naturally attracts toxic particles present in the water. They will also act on bad taste and bad odors.

Coal, combined with ceramic beads, provides water with a complete solution for its filtration and mineralization.
1. Rinse the beads with clean water. Boil the activated charcoal for 5 minutes then allow it to air dry.
2. Place 20g of marbles and a charcoal slice in a 1L / 1.5L carafe then leave to act for 4 hours.
3. Consume!
4. Boil the charcoal every 1 to 3 months to free its pores.
5. Recycle logs and charcoal as plant fertilizer after 6 months of use.