Borage Oil


30 ml

Borage seed vegetable oil, Vitamin E

INCI (for specialists)
Borago officinalis seed oil, Tocopherol

Exceptionally rich in vitamin E, borage oil is known to repair cell tissue. Borage oil is the richest oil in gamma-linolenic acid, a rare fatty acid from the omega-6 family. It restores suppleness, elasticity and tone to dehydrated and mature skin, which it nourishes without clogging. * This oil is virgin, first cold pressed, from seeds grown and processed in France.

Although this plant is native to our regions, the French culture of borage has completely disappeared, and is today mainly cultivated in China, in a very industrial way, even if it often acquires an organic label there, to our astonishment! Unlike the borage oils on the market which come mostly from China, our borage oil has a pleasant smell because it is fresh, and not oxidized.

Borage oil contains 23% gamma-linolenic acid, which is extremely rare in vegetable oils. This acid is the precursor of phospholipids constituting cell membranes. This is why it has an extraordinary regenerating power on the skin! It participates in the regeneration of dry, wrinkled, devitalized and tired skin.
Orally and in combination with a virgin evening primrose vegetable oil, it nourishes and sublimates the skin from the inside while reducing skin inflammation: discover our beauty capsules here.

Normal to dry skin

(1st) Wrinkles. Ideal for mature, wrinkled and devitalized skin. Ideal for dehydrated skin.

Soft and creamy.

In the morning and / or in the evening after removing make-up, place 2 to 3 drops of oil in the palm of your hands, heat to activate the oil, then apply all over the face, massaging gently. You can spray one of our Botanical Mists before applying your oil to facilitate application and maximize effects.

Comedogenicity index: 2