Create Your Tailor Made Travel Case


3 x 25gr - 75 g

Summer is coming !! It's time to fill your suitcase with natural products, zero plastic but above all: 100% pleasure for a delicately scented shower after a beautiful day at the beach!

Create your tailor-made box in your image by choosing the fragrance of your choice for each of the 3 products that fill this magnificent cork travel case.

Leave the spirit and the light bag with your 3 travel essentials for soft, shiny hair and gently washed skin in any situation.

What this box contains:
- A mild soap for gently washed skin
- A solid shampoo for soft, shiny and light hair and a soothed scalp
- A solid conditioner for supple lengths and redesigned natural curls
- A cork box to transport your 3 favorite products everywhere: still wet, your products are perfectly protected in this case.