Essentials - Hair


We could have called them the Three Musketeers as these three oils are complementary.

These super heroes of Nature replace your pre-shampoo treatment, your leave-in treatment and your daily hair care. Try the Natural and let yourself be surprised by its effectiveness. Can we explain? The Fabulous Destiny of Castor Oil is a natural hair fortifier, the ricinoleic acid it contains is your ally to boost hair growth. Captain Avocat combines two super powers: it is nourishing AND hydrating. Everything your hair needs. Jobi Jojoba is a so-called dry oil. It moisturizes your hair without ever greasing it: our favorite oil! Cold pressed virgin oils.

Pure Jojoba Oil is the easiest to use: For healthy hair, use a few drops on your ends to nourish them and protect them from the appearance of split ends. Our pure Avocado oil can be used as a mask: apply "Captain Avocado" once a week to the lengths and ends, leave on for at least one hour and do your usual shampoo! And our artisan castor oil mask before shampooing: apply it to your scalp by massaging with your fingertips to activate the blood microcirculation, leave on for a few hours (or even overnight!) Then wash your hair: it becomes soft and brilliant!

100 / 100 Yuka