FØGG Spray


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100 ml

INCI: Ethanol + Water (Hydroalcoholic solution> 70%) and glycerin. Mix with 70% alcohol to dissolve bacteria, germs and viruses. Glycerin allows the solution to respect skin contact when applied to surfaces.

100ml hydroalcoholic solution for any surface. Thanks to its high concentration of alcohol, it keeps all the disinfection properties of its active ingredient. Contains glycerin that improves the properties of the product in contact with the skin and delicate surfaces.

Uses of Føgg:
Materials: fabrics, glass and plastics such as methacrylate.
Transport: ideal for applying to the steering wheel, handlebars and other sections of the vehicle. Airplane and train seats, travel suitcases, packages and bags.
Home: home furnishings, screens and peripherals for computers, mobile phones and other devices.

✓ Effective disinfectant
✓Quick drying
✓Inocuous and safe
✓Standard and travel format
✓No aromas
✓ Sustainable product