Furoshiki Face And Body Care Set


1 organic camellia oil 50ml / 1 bag of 20g hydrogen ceramic beads / 1 cleansing powder and matcha mask 20g


Find beautiful and nourished skin with this antioxidant care set for the face and body. The products are inspired by Japanese beauty rituals and wrapped in a cotton crepe fabric traditionally used for making furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping).

- 1 organic camellia oil 50ml: camellia oil, rich in antioxidants, Omega 9 and vitamin E, hydrates, nourishes and fights against skin aging. A true elixir of youth, it can be used equally well on the body, face, hair or nails.
- 1 bag of 20g hydrogen ceramic beads: these hydrogen-generating beads are made up of minerals and ores. They enrich the running water with hydrogen and thus make it antioxidant.
- 1 cleansing powder and matcha mask 20g: it gently cleanses the skin with azuki powder and clay. Enriched with matcha and rice starch, it also protects the skin from oxidative stress.

Adopt a new daily routine with this trio of treatments:
1. Cleanse your skin with the face and mask cleanser: moisten the face and neck, pour a teaspoon of powder into the palm of your hand then massage the face using circular movements. Avoid eyes and rinse with water. See other uses of the cleansing powder and mask
2. Moisturize the superficial layers of the epidermis and soothe irritation with the hydrogen lotion: rinse the beads with clear water, place 20g of beads in a spray bottle containing 200 ml of water. Leave on for 1 hour then spray or apply with a cotton pad. You can also place 20g of beads in 1L of water, leaving it to act for 1 hour to be able to consume it.
3. Nourish the skin with camellia oil: apply a few drops of camellia oil on the face and body. See other uses of camellia oil