Hemp Oil


30 ml

Hemp seed oil *, Vitamin E

INCI (for specialists)
Cannabis sativa seed oil *, Tocopherol
* ingredient from Organic Farming

Did you know ? The first Bible printed by Gutenberg was made of hemp paper.
Even more astonishing, at a time when certain car manufacturers are gradually leaning into the development of bio-based materials, Henry Ford was a visionary ... almost 80 years ago, he designed the first hemp body! With the rise of cotton and the disappearance of the sailing navy, the use of hemp had drastically declined on European soil. Today we are rediscovering the various uses of this plant: in cosmetics, of course, but also in textiles, in stationery, in the home and in food! It is an ecological plant because it does not need fertilizers or pesticides to thrive. It is resistant to disease and its culture is low in water.

French Hemp Botanical Oil is a vegetable oil that is as original as it is exceptional. Its properties are cosmetic and therapeutic, as well as food and nutritional. Emollient, regenerating and soothing, it deeply nourishes while protecting against dehydration and skin aging. It is the oil of choice for dehydrated, mature or irritated skin. * This oil is virgin, first cold pressed, from organic hemp seeds grown and processed in France.
The real asset of hemp oil is its content of essential fatty acids, i.e. omega 3 and omega 6.
Regenerating and revitalizing thanks to the linoleic acid present at more than 50% which nourishes in depth while participating in cell regeneration. Emollient also thanks to linoleic acid. The latter limits water loss and therefore protects against skin dehydration. Firming and soothing thanks to alpha-linolenic acid, it maintains tissue elasticity. This fatty acid also gives it soothing properties, beneficial for irritated skin.

Ideal for all skin types, it has a lipid composition similar to that of the skin and is among the vegetable oils richest in essential fatty acids. All skin types. Ideal for dehydrated skin. Ideal for tired and dull skin. Ideal for mature skin. Ideal for irritated skin suffering from rosacea / rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.


On the face: In the morning and / or in the evening after removing make-up, place 2 to 3 drops of oil in the palm of your hands, heat to activate the oil, then apply all over the face, massaging gently. You can spray one of our Botanical Mists before applying your oil to facilitate application and maximize effects. Our recommendation: the Anti-Aging Mist for a complete anti-wrinkle treatment or the Soothing Mist for the most sensitive skin.
On the hair: Apply 3 to 4 drops of oil to the palm of your hands, heat to activate, then apply to the lengths. French hemp oil restores shine, volume and vigor to the hair.

Odor of seeds, even slightly herbaceous.

Dry and penetrating, non-greasy finish.

First cold-pressed virgin vegetable oil

Comedogenicity index: 0