Laundry perfume concentrate - Dose of Joy


20 ml up to 40 washes. / 50 ml up to 100 washes.

🍊Sweet orange awakens your good mood
✨Le Petitgrain Bigarade reassures and relaxes
☁️ Vanilla from Madagascar comforts
🌱Currant Bud Absolute brings freshness

😁At Maison PLOUF, we love it for our towels, our daily linen and the linen for our babies and children!

Eco-responsible fragrance concentrate for laundry formulated with high quality renewable, up-cycled and biodegradable ingredients.

🐥Suitable for baby's laundry
🍊 Fresh and crunchy, irresisitable and solar scent, pure happiness!
💡To start your olfactory detox and get rid of the powerful scents of conventional detergents
💧Empty your pipette after your laundry and / or in the fabric softener

💧Empty the pipette after washing the detergent and / or in the fabric softener
🌈 As we are not equal when it comes to smell, adjust the intensity and find the dose that suits you!
Addicted to odors on dry laundry? By choice, we did not use a synthetic perfume fixer which attacks our skin and our private parts, so opt for the Vegetal Mist of Joy and diffuse it on your dry laundry, you will have fun folding it and putting it away 😉!