Magic Bottle Energize Rose Quartz



Our Magic Bottle Energized with pure Rose Quartz crystals, will allow you to drink water energized in energies released by Rose Quartz throughout the day. Each stone has its own energies and diffuse them, in this case thanks to water, in order to benefit from all the good energies and correctly regenerate all the cells of the body.

Properties: Rose Quartz, the stone of the Woman par excellence. Stone of sweetness, love and harmony. releases healing and calming energies to help overcome separations, transitions, changes, encouraging towards the best and in the sweetest way. Helps to develop confidence and a deep love for oneself. It is a very good stone to have on your nightstand for peaceful nights. Stone recognized for millennia for its anti-aging properties.

Instructions: Our bottle is made of very high quality borosilate glass and strong steel for the cap and base to ensure maximum durability and high resistance to hot / cold temperatures. 100% natural stones (not chemically treated) ethically sourced in Brazil. All our stones are purified / recharged with energy before sending. Clean your bottle by hand, with soap and water before 1st use. Unscrew the base to remove the stones, let them soak in a glass of mineral water to re-energize them or near a geode.