MIST - Gentle dose


100 ml

👶🏼 Delicately sanitize and perfume the little ones' belongings
😷Transform your mask into a skin blanket
🍃 Refresh your wool or cashmere sweaters
💐Smoke your dressing room and drawers

This gentle care concentrate will immerse you in a cocoon of softness!
Formulated with high quality renewable, up-cycled and non-toxic ingredients, this 98% natural plant mist will bring you freshness and well-being while taking care of your laundry and your home.
From aromachology (science of smells and emotions), our mists smell good and make you splash good! 😊
Hypoallergenic fragrance

Jasmine to soothe anxieties and regain self-confidence
Orange blossom to calm and soothe your nerves
Sweet almond for a comforting sensation
Iris for its softness in addition to its anti-bacterial properties
Organic grapefruit essential oil to neutralize bad odors and strengthen the anti-bacterial action
Ecocert organic wheat alcohol which acts as an anti-bacterial and allows a better diffusion of the perfume
Demineralized water to soften the laundry