Perfume - Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie

Paris - Grasse

15 ml / 100 ml

INCI: Alcohol denat. Parfum (Fragrance) Limonene Citronellol Linalool BHT ( thresold is 0,003% ) Geraniol Citral Eugenol Farnesol Tocopherol

Perfume . Perfume Concentration: 20%. Green color.


The pH fragrances are exceptional, refined and signed fragrances developed by master perfumers and creators exclusively with Givaudan (world leader in the creation of perfumes). The products are made and packaged in France.

Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie is a top explosion of creamy Magnolia notes, sparkling with citrus nuances which bring a lot of luminosity to the composition. The fragrance of Peony infuses the creation with its fruity floral freshness so delicate and silky.

Main olfactory: FLORAL • Secondary olfactory family: MUSKÉ

Italian Bergamot, Italian Mandarin Orpur, Rose Davana India Orpur

Rose from Turkey Orpur & Bulgaria Orpur, Orange Blossom from Morocco Orpur

Vanilla Orpur, Musk, Vetiver from Haiti Orpur, Honey

- Natural fragrance, biodegradable, durable & clean. 88% Natural fragrance. Vegetable Beet Alcohol: 100% Natural Alcohol. Fragrance 95.8% Biodegradable. Unisex fragrance.
- Naturals Orpur: The Gardenia & Jasmine of Cashmere fragrance contains Orpur® extracts of Bergamot, Jasmine, Peruvian Balsam, Genet and Cistus. Orpur® are the finest qualities of natural ingredients from Givaudan, collected in an ethical & responsible manner.
- We have banned more than 100 controversial ingredients, in addition to the regulations in force (No coloring, no UV filter, no paraben ....) * See the complete list attached.
- We have selected the finest ingredients, the most respectful of health and the environment.
- Toxicologist validation: Magnolia & Pivoine perfume follows the most restrictive specifications with a formulation resulting from science and innovation validated by a toxicologist.

- Eco-friendly packaging in recyclable glass
- Our cases are simply made of paper and FSC standards guaranteeing production from sustainable forests.
- We have banned overwrapping plastic on our cases.
- Sustainable ingredients sourced in an ethical and responsible manner.
- Assistance program for local communities around the world who collect ingredients at a global level.
- Our production is responsible: we have a single concentrate of perfumes across all of our products, which is also a technical feat.

MADE IN FRANCE: French manufacturing with more than 20 French partners and industrialists. This product supports local employment. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE.