Pressed Soap Drop | Facette


75 g

Pressed Soap Drop

When we make our soaps, it's like when we cut the fabric of a dress: we have scraps. Scraps of all colors that we refuse to throw away because the material is precious. This material, we took a long time to find how to value it, it's done. The whole team is happy to present our Caesar soap: the pressed falls! Same quality, random patterns, colors and fragrances preserved. It's our own fight against waste!
A cold-saponified surgras solid soap that gently washes the body and eliminates impurities.
Handmade in our artisanal soap factory in Paris and Bordeaux!

Use this soap in a fairly classic way then rinse with water. Suitable for all skin types. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or get in eyes. Do not use on a wound.