Pure Avocado Oil


50 ml


* compounds naturally present in essential oils, always carry out a small allergy test in the crook of the elbow before using a cosmetic product.

Our pure and virgin avocado oil, cold pressed in Madagascar.

Our avocado oil "Captain avocado" is obtained from wild avocados from the Malagasy highlands. With the greatest respect for local biodiversity, without irrigation, without water supply, without overexploitation of natural resources. In harmony with nature. This is what gives unparalleled power to our avocado oil. Particularly rich in vitamins, powerful and from fair trade. This oil with super powers is your new ally to fight against skin aging, firm your skin and restore its radiance!

We went to meet the producers of our avocado oil, where the fruits are harvested, how the trees grow, to ensure the quality, potency and ethics of our avocado oil. Far from the overexploitation of Mexico or Kenya, our avocado trees grow in optimal conditions in the bush of Madagascar. At a very affordable price. For you.

On the skin, apply "Captain Avocat" preferably in the evening. It can be used on the face as well as on more delicate areas: the eye area and the neck.

For the hair, apply "Captain Avocado" - our pure avocado oil - as a mask once a week on the lengths and ends, leave on for at least one hour and shampoo as usual!

The composition of our avocado oil is simple: 100% avocado oil (persea gratissima). Its production is complex: our pure avocado oil comes from wild avocado trees in Madagascar. The avocados are sweet, their smell strong. This is what gives the effectiveness and strength of our oil.
- Oleic Acid (Omega 9):
The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, restore suppleness, repair it. The sebum is made up of 30%.
- Palmitic Acid:
Protective fatty acid. For natural protection and a softening effect: it is thanks to this fatty acid that your skin is soft to the touch after using our pure avocado oil!
- Vitamin E :
The natural preservative. No need for additions or chemicals, vitamin E is naturally present in avocado oil. Anti-aging care is this vitamin.
- Phytosterols:
Phytosterols help maintain the function of the cell membrane. Our natural anti-inflammatories.

100 / 100 - Excellent Yuka