Pure Hemp Oil


50 ml


* compounds naturally present in essential oils, always carry out a small allergy test in the crook of the elbow before using a cosmetic product.

A well-kept secret, hemp oil fights the signs of aging like no other: perfectly balanced in omega 3, 6 and 9, it restores softness and elasticity to the skin.

It is a dry oil, so it can replace your creams day or night. Let yourself be seduced by its smell of freshly cut grass; we love it!

Pure, virgin, organic hemp oil from the first cold press.

On your face, Le Chanvre des Secrets replaces your day and night cream and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Dry, it penetrates in a flash and leaves no greasy film! On the hair, it works miracles on dry or damaged hair. A few drops on the tips and lengths as a daily care or as a mask all night long before shampooing your usual hair: your hair is soft, nourished and hydrated.

The composition of our hemp oil is simple: 100% hemp oil (cannabis sativa seed oil). Its origin is close: Ardennes, France.
- Alpha-linoleic acid (Omega-3):
Essential fatty acid. The body needs it, it doesn't produce it naturally. Your skin needs it even more. Omega-3 is the most desired of the essential fatty acids.
- Linoleic acid (Omega-6):
Essential fatty acid: your body needs it but doesn't produce it. The Hemp of Secrets is full of them! Its nourishing power is incomparable.
- Omega-9:
The last of the essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, give it flexibility, repair it.
- Vitamin A:
The natural antioxidant. You need it, you need it for your immune system, hemp oil is in full swing! Powerful.
- Vitamin E :
The natural preservative. No need for additions or chemicals, vitamin E is naturally present in hemp oil. Anti-aging care is this vitamin.

100 / 100 - Excellent Yuka