Pure Moringa Oil


The bottle is made of glass, the pipette of bamboo, in a 50 ml format.

* composés naturellement présent dans les huiles essentielles, toujours réaliser un petit test d'allergie au creux du coude avant d'utiliser un produit cosmétique.

Virgin, crude, cold pressed oil.

Our moringa oil is pure, virgin, cold pressed. From wild trees in Madagascar, the seeds that give our moringa oil grow in the best possible conditions, with respect and harmony for biodiversity.

Moringa oil has been a centuries-old ally against time in many African countries. From the "Tree of miracles" of the arid lands of Madagascar, our pure moringa oil restores suppleness and elasticity to your skin thanks to fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) and vitamins (A, B, C, E) which 'it contains. Produced from wild trees with the greatest respect for nature, our "Lord of the Skin" will enchant you from the first touch.
Be careful, depending on the temperature and particularly in winter, the oil solidifies: run it for a few seconds under hot water and you're done!

Very nourishing, we advise you to apply it in the evening, on the face, like a night cream. To increase its effects tenfold, we suggest using it as a mask, after a scrub.
Freed from impurities, your skin will make the most of the benefits of Moringa!

- Oleic Acid (Omega 9):
The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, restore suppleness, repair it. The sebum is made up of 30%.
- Stearic Acid (18: 0):
A structuring fatty acid. 11% of the skin's natural sebum is made up of it.
- Palmitic Acid (16: 0):
A stable fatty acid that is stainless and anti-microbial. It protects against environmental aggressions by its occlusive action.
- Vitamin E :
The natural preservative. No need for additions or chemicals, vitamin E is naturally present in moringa oil. Anti-aging care is this vitamin.
- Vitamins A and C:
A powerful cocktail of vitamins for an anti-oxidant, anti-aging and restructuring action.

100 / 100 - Excellent on Yuka