ROLL-ON - V Shape (Pink Quartz)



Massaging with Roll-On V with double heads allows a real sculpting and reshaping massage of the face, to redraw the oval of the face, to sculpt and redraw the cheekbones, to enhance the look at the level of the brow bone. It also helps to drain lymph and eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, make treatments penetrate faster and increase their effectiveness, massage and relax certain muscles and tensions of the face, stimulate the production of fighting collagen against sagging and skin aging.

Rose Quartz, the stone of the Woman par excellence. Stone of sweetness, love and harmony. She accompanies during bereavement and emotional wounds. Helps to develop confidence and a deep love for oneself. It is a very good stone to have on your nightstand for peaceful nights. Stone recognized for millennia for its anti-aging properties, it helps fight against skin aging. It soothes dry and dehydrated skin and helps reduce marks and scars on the skin.

Use 1-5 min on clean skin with an oil / serum applied beforehand. Place the tool in the fridge for a few minutes to decongest or in hot water to relax.
1. Start at the forehead by placing the V at the level of the brow bone, between the top and the bottom of the eyebrow, smooth from the center outwards to sculpt.
2. Sculpt the cheekbones by placing the V on the cheekbone, between the top and the bottom of the cheekbone and smooth from the inside to the outside of the face.
3. To tone and sculpt the oval of the face, place the V at the chin and smooth up to the ears.
6. To work on the double chin, start at the neck and quickly work your way up to the underside of the chin.
7. Finish the massage with the muscles of the neck and trapezius, perform back and forth movements at the level of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and finish with a downward movement to the clavicles. (Repeat 5 to 10 times.)

16 x 6cm. Made of anti-oxidant and anti-allergenic zinc alloy, 100% natural fine stone of Rose Quartz, not chemically treated, ethically sourced in Brazil. All our tools are purified / recharged with energy by a professional before sending. Clean before 1st use and every 2-3 days. Clean the parts in contact with the skin with clear water and soap. Dry well and return to its case.