The Mediterranean Natural Sponge


Our natural Mediterranean sponge accompanies your Réjence cleansing and makeup remover for a respectful gesture.

Ultra soft, 100% natural and biodegradable, it takes care of the most sensitive skin while respecting the environment.

• Respects the skin without irritating it
• Antibacterial thanks to the large amount of iodine it contains.
• Very pleasant texture to gently cleanse the skin.
• Face: After applying our cleansing balm or our make-up removing oil to dry skin, wet and gently wring out the sponge. Massage your face using light circular movements to emulsify your treatment and gently cleanse the skin. Finish with the eyes. Rinse your sponge and cleanse your face again to remove any remaining residue.

After use, rinse it very gently and allow it to air dry.