Tosa Binchotan Coal Branch


Size: 1.5cm x 22-24cm approx = 1 pcs or set of 10 pcs

Tosa binchotan is an activated carbon produced according to ancestral know-how from Ubamegashi oak from the Kochi region (Japan). Its manufacture and its activation at very high temperature make it super-active and thus very porous, its adsorption capacity is therefore greater than a good number of activated carbons.
Its benefits are numerous, but it is mainly used to filter and purify running water. It adsorbs the pollutants present in the water (toxins, mercury, chlorine, ...) and mineralizes it by releasing calcium, potassium and magnesium.
The production and export of Tosa binchotan is limited and controlled.

Before use, boil the stick for 5-10 minutes, then let it dry in a dry place.
1. Water filter:
Insert a stick in a high carafe and let the charcoal act for 5 to 8 hours. Use. Every 1 to 3 months, re-boil the charcoal to discharge it of accumulated toxic particles. after 6 months, recycle charcoal as fertilizer for plants.
2. Diffuser of essential oils / perfume:
Place a few sticks in a vase, then pour a few drops of perfume (or essential oils) in the bottom or put a few drops directly on the sticks.

1 branch of vegetable charcoal from Ubame holm oak from the Tosa region.
This elegant branch of genuine Binchotan can also be suitable for the purification of running water (in a high carafe, a bottle) or to diffuse your favorite scent.
Other uses: to purify the air, adsorb bad odors, reduce electromagnetic waves or as essential oil diffusers.

1 branch of binchotan can filter / purify 2 liters of running water.

Origin: Japan, Tosa