Vegetable Detergent Without Fragrance (1L = 50 washes) Refill


1 L

INCI: > 5% nonionic soap surfactant, anionic, amphoteric, and cationic surfactants. Water, sequestering agent, viscosity agent, solvent, pH corrector and denaturants of the solvent.


🍃99.3% natural without harmful superfluous
Anti-waste pump to stop overdosing
🤩1 liter = 50 washes, i.e. 3X more washing and 2X less packaging
🐣Perfect for babies and washable sofas
👙Suitable for menstrual lingerie
🍋 Customizable odor with each wash

1st use: run a 90 ° cycle with 1 liter of white vinegar and clean the detergent / softener tank + the window
Apply the right amount of clean: 1 pressure per KG of laundry is enough / 5KG machine = 5 pressures.
The laundry is heavily soiled: between 2 to 4 presses of +.
A fresh spot? Hop of the detergent, we rub, we rinse! A dry spot? Use a stain remover before washing!
Softeners? Forget them! Our laundry leaves laundry soft and supple!